Tag Scan Track Enterprise Solution

Tag Scan Track allows organisations to manage its products, people, equipment and their related business processes.  This can be done over multiple operating locations, business units and languages.

Scan & Identify

Scan QR Codes, Barcodes or Serial Number on security seals or assets.  Access central database of asset and seal information to validate and identify asset or seal.

Add Evidence & Information

Add photographs, GPS location and capture data relating to business process events.  This may be before, during and/or after the event.

Scripted Business Processes

Set rules and scripted processes for asset and tag interactions. Including location & user access, mandatory actions and information.

Manage Asset & Tag Lifecycle

Track your assets and resources through their lifecycle eg from harvest to table and all the interactions inbetween.

Realtime Monitoring

Monitor Assets, Seals, Users and Interactions on realtime maps and charts.  Export data and integrate with existing systems.

Manage Seals & Codes

Track and manage Seals and Tags.  Prevent duplications and manage seal state.  Use with new or existing  barcodes or QR codes.

Custom Industry Blueprints

Use our Best Practice Industry Templates to speed up implementation and benefits. Otherwise, work with our specialist industry experts and business analysts to develop your own template.

Staff Compliance

Ensure that staff execute procedures correctly including start of shift, end of shift, material handling etc.  Allow multi-disciplinary teams with differing management structures to work together.

Container Logistics

Use Tag Scan Track with existing/new container bolts. Manage transfer of custodianship, locking and unlocking processes.  Track vehicles, drivers and related documentation.

Harvest Tracking

Track live harvest from source to destination.  Create a single view of the supply chain including existing/new harvest, processing, industry body seals and transportation.  Ensure traceability and compliance with regulations.


Track shipments through arrival, quarantine, inspections and departure processes.  Track shipment interactions with customs agents and use photographic and GPS tracking and evidence of interactions.


Track maintenance cycles, specialist tools and equipment located across geographically separated sites.  Collect data and evidence of maintenance using scripted procedures.

Retail Logistics

Integrate with new/existing RF, Bluetooth and ERP solutions. Fill in gaps in supply chain visibility and manage re-packing and/or transfer of ownership.

Customised Business Processes

Tag Scan Track allows us to rapidly design and deploy custom business processes into the Tag Scan Track App.  With assistance from our industry specialists we are able to maximise the business & operational benefits.  Once in operation you are able to monitor the success of the processes and make improvements on an ongoing basis.

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